Lisa Roese

  Counsellor & Coach               


How you feel about your body and appearance – and your relationship with food and eating – can be very complex. It not only is determined by your physical and mental health, but influenced by societal and cultural factors. As someone who has overcome an eating disorder, I am passionate about supporting those suffering from yoyo dieting, overeating, purging in its many forms and disordered relationships with food and their bodies.

I have been Eating Disorder free for 15 years now, recovery was a slow process but I can honestly say that my eating, body weight and attitude towards food are completely healthy. I would never have believed this possible during my many years of struggle. Direct experience with the vicious cycles, uncontrollable urges and life threatening behaviours of an eating disorder has given me a deep empathy for fellow sufferers and understanding of what they may be going through. I’m dedicated  to supporting my clients along their paths to recovery. 

I believe that eating difficulties need to be dealt with on every level: emotional / mental and practical. Talk therapy helps get to the bottom of the issue, gain an understanding of how it came about, what triggers it and an awareness of what happens during the process. I  also guide clients through “Intuitive eating” practices which involve useful and empowering exercises which can be applied in every day life to gain control over eating. These principles have worked for me and 1000’s of others, I truly believe that if you are ready to change, they will work for you too.

Eating and body image issues come in many forms and varying degrees. Whether you think your problem is mild or serious, it is important to seek help when your feelings and behaviors related to body image and eating begin to take precedence over other priorities in your life – or get in the way of your ability to participate in and enjoy life