Lisa Roese

  Counsellor & Coach               


A Problem Management / Opportunity Development Approach

I strive to provide a respectful, non-judgmental and confidential space, dedicated to your personal healing and growth. With a special interest in Person Centered and Solution Focused models, I regard you as the expert of your own life, holding all the answers within. These approaches are empowering and emphasise individual needs, strengths and resources.

During our first session you will get a feel for who I am and whether my style of counselling is right for you. I will ask pertinent questions to develop an understanding of where you are at in your life and what your needs are, we will then agree upon a goal for our time together and session structure tailored to your requirements.

Throughout the sessions that follow, your well-being will be my primary concern, I regard myself as a caring companion and fellow traveller. As you speak about challenges, difficulties, hopes and dreams, I will be listening attentively to what you say about yourself and your world. We may re-visit past experiences and significant relationships which have shaped who you are today and how you feel about yourself and your present relationships. We might also talk about what you want for your future and the things that give your life meaning.  

I may suggest certain useful tools or exercises when appropriate, offer a different perspective or invite you to freely explore your feelings, associations and ways of relating to yourself and others. Most importantly though you will have the experience of being fully heard, accepted and understood. This will be empower you to find your own answers and a new sense of your life and the world around you.

Questioning, exploring and working through struggles can be liberating and lead to a deeper understanding and acceptance of yourself and others. The journey we will embark upon offers many opportunities for self-discovery and change. It will increase your capacity for reflection, enable you to make more constructive choices, control previously impulsive behaviour, strengthen your self-esteem and free you to love, work and play in new and creative ways.

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“Lisa provided a much needed service while our company was undergoing retrenchments. She provided a nimbus of comfort, warmth and firm purpose to our employees. I highly recommend her in any endeavour”. Zenley Paulsen. Senior HR Business Partner SSHIC (Pty) Ltd