Lisa Roese

  Counsellor & Coach               

Personal Development Counselling

Perhaps life is going fairly well but you can’t help feeling that you could be more fulfilled. Maybe you compare yourself to others, wonder if the grass is greener on the other side, whether you should change careers or find a new relationship. A Personal Development counsellor can greatly assist those who feel restless and dissatisfied or are simply curious to learn more about themselves. Indeed contrary to popular belief, therapy is not just for people who are unhappy, it can also be a great tool to optimise your life and can promote increased awareness of what you need and want. This can lead to a shift in perspective allowing you to feel more content with your life, alternatively it may uncover greater possibilities empowering you to make positive changes.

Reasons you might need support for Personal Development
  • You feel restless or dissatisfied; sensing that you have the potential to do more yet struggling to envisage what this could be. You would benefit from assistance to explore your options and formulate a concrete strategy for positive change.
  • You are curious to learn more about yourself in order to improve your overall quality of life, including your social and intimate relationships.
  • You dream about branching off on a new career path but don’t have the courage to do so. You would benefit from help to explore your fears and devise a way of investigating career change.
  • You have identified unhelpful behavioural patterns and suspect self- sabotage. You would like help to explore this and learn how to approach certain life situations differently.
  • You may be wanting to work on certain aspects of yourself to enhance your quality of life, for example: Developing better boundaries in relationships, being more assertive or building your confidence / self esteem, improving communication skills or being less of a perfectionist.
  • Due to a demanding career or raising children, you are entering a new life phase. You would benefit exploring who you are and what you want in the next phase of life.

My approach as a Counsellor and Coach

I will start by listening to you attentively as you discuss your concerns. Feeling truly heard by an empathic practitioner who gives you their full attention is the first step to self discovery. I will ask pertinent questions to get a good understanding of where you are at in your life and what your particular needs are, we will then agree upon a session structure tailored to your requirements.

I work on the premise that you hold the keys to unlock your own answers and that with the right support you will gain the clarity and insight you need. This will  give you a view your life situation from a fresh perspective and empower you to make changes . You will play an active role in your sessions, undertaking exercises and developing creative problem solving skills at a pace that works for you. My objective is for you to leave feeling as if you have more influence over your life circumstances so that you are empowered to make desired changes, or at the very least feeling at peace with the way things are.