Lisa Roese

  Counsellor & Coach               


As the cliche goes, “No man (or woman) is an island”.  We need relationships to survive and ultimately thrive. Yet, so often family and intimate relationships can be fraught with conflict and hurt. The loneliness of being in an unhappy relationship can be the most intense, you may be sitting with feelings of hurt, anger, helplessness, fear or anxiety. Its difficult to have perspective when you’re in the middle of a tumultuous situation.  Getting support from a neutral, trained professional can help:

  • Make sense of a difficult situation and confusing emotions.
  • Provide relief and space to express feelings.
  • Enable you to observe the problem from a distance and gain perspective.
  • Make level headed decisions based on what is best for you.
  • Take your power back. 
  • Figure out what you want and care for your needs.
  • Perhaps even resolve seemingly insurmountable difficulties.

You might be struggling to move on from a divorce or break up. This can be a long, painful and slow process with many obstacles along the way. The support of regular counselling sessions can help you:

  • Work through and resolve difficult emotions.
  • come to terms with your new life, identity and reality.
  • Feel that you are not alone and what you’re going through is normal.
  • Become more self aware so you can make inner changes that prevent negative relating patterns being repeated in future relationships.
  • Ensure that you grow and learn from overcoming your struggles rather than getting into destructive rebound relationships or stuck in a negative spiral.

You may be single and having difficulty finding a partner. Often once we do inner work and change ourselves, the world around us transforms. This means that we are freed up to attract more positive people and situations into our lives. Some of the inner work we do in counselling can take the form of:

  • Learning to be more vulnerable
  • Placing higher value on our own needs
  • Developing better boundaries
  • Improving communication
  • Working through past relationship hurts
  • Exploring what might be blocking you
  • Looking at what you honestly want from a relationship and exploring why you haven’t been able to find this