Lisa Roese

  Counsellor & Coach               


“Thank you for your contribution to our business in 2018, it has been amazing to all of us how important the “soft skills” have been, besides the fun we have had in our group sessions”. Natalie Majewski. Financial Director Narich Pty (Ltd)

“I had an awesome counselling session with Lisa. Her genuine empathy and engagement allowed me to pry into myself so I could find relief and take positive steps to being myself. I definitely recommend her if you’re in need of empathy for whatever you’re going through. Thank you Lisa!”

“My heart and mind always feel lighter after any session with you. I appreciate your expertise and feedback, so often you say things I would have never thought about in that way. Thank you, you are amazing!” Nadine Adams. Finance & Logistics Administrator

“Bringing Lisa into our company added the necessary professional skills from a qualified person with exponential results. This process started 4 years ago, and I can say categorically that the outcome has been a revelation. We communicate more easily and openly, and an atmosphere of mutual respect and support prevails.” R Majewski. Managing Director: Narich (Pty) Ltd

“THANK YOU for all you did – for listening, & just … being there !! Your emotional support was really valued & treasured”. Julie Tibbenham. Senior Secretary SSHIC

“Lisa provided a much needed service while our company was undergoing retrenchments. She provided a nimbus of comfort, warmth and firm purpose to our employees. I highly recommend her in any endeavour”Zenley Paulsen. Senior HR Business Partner SSHIC (Pty) Ltd

“I have found Lisa to be one of the most genuine counsellors in her care for others. She has the ability to build strong and deep relationships with those who come to her for counselling. Her integrity is beyond question and I have deep respect for her work ethic, dedication and respect for others. Added to this list of strengths is her desire to be self-aware and share of herself in a meaningful way. My life has been personally enriched through my association with Lisa”.   Sharon Reed Counselling Manager. CT NGO

“Lisa’s relaxed and genuine manner made it easy to be completely honest and open about all I was feeling and thinking. I felt a huge sense of relief after each session, always leaving with renewed clarity and understanding”

“Lisa has a knack for uncovering the root causes of issues with sensitivity and compassion. I would recommend her unreservedly for those who are serious about personal transformation”. 



“Essentially, we are born containing all that we can be, and the only real task in life is to realize as much of that potential as possible” ~ James Hillman