Lisa Roese

  Counsellor & Coach               


Turn challenges into opportunities for growth

Would you like to develop deeper self-knowledge, overcome challenges and work towards goals in a supportive, encouraging environment? If you are seeking a safe space to authentically reconnect with yourself and others, then these workshops are for you.

Each session will be based on a specific theme e.g. relationships, life balance, boundaries, self-worth etc. We will start with gentle yoga stretches and a guided meditation followed by group discussion, sharing and various self-inquiry exercises.

Over the last 8 years I have facilitated personal growth and counselling skills courses at an NGO and run Team Building Workshops for Business. My aim with these Personal Development Workshops is to make Life Coaching and Counselling affordable and accessible to more people.

Sharing challenges, struggles and goals in a safe and supportive space will enable you to work through difficulties, heal and grow. Groups provide a sense of purpose, connection and strength. I’ve benefited personally from the power of group support, witnessed participants develop as individuals and companies flourish in the groups I’ve facilitated.”  

My approach enables people to explore their depths but also to make constructive, practical changes in their lives. I combine reparative work associated with Counselling with the proactive, approach of Coaching. Counselling addresses blocks that may be holding you back, whilst Coaching focuses on reaching your full potential. I strive to provide a safe space that allows people to deal with challenges, access their inner wisdom and become the best version of themselves.


I have found Lisa to be one of the most genuine counsellors in her care for others, she has the ability to build strong and deep relationships with those who come to her for counselling. I have deep respect for her work ethic and dedication.  Sharon Reed Counselling Manager: CT NGO

Lisa provided a much-needed service while our company was undergoing retrenchments. She provided a nimbus of comfort, warmth and firm purpose to our employees. I highly recommend her in any endeavour”.  Zenley Paulsen- Senior HR Business Partner.

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