Lisa Roese

  Counsellor & Coach               



With the event of Covid-19 and lock down I currently offer online Staff support and Group Coaching Workshops for small companies. The workshops I hold are based on various topics such as:

  • Change management – Stages of Change
  • Life Balance – The Wheel of Life
  • Stress Management
  • Boundaries and Assertiveness
  • Personality profiles & how they interact in the workplace
  • Conflict management and Communication
  • Developing strengths and resilience
  • Motivation and Values

The aim of Group Coaching Workshops is to bring out the best in employees, build stronger bonds of trust, open lines of communication and develop more cohesive teams.  

I tailor group sessions around the requirements of each company and team; combining various coaching tools, mindfulness techniques and self-exploration exercises. The team is encouraged to discuss work and interpersonal issues openly so that solutions can be formulated on in a productive, respectful atmosphere. I strive to build cohesiveness by ensuring each group member is acknowledged and has space to share their views, goals and challenges.

During group coaching sessions members discuss and participate in exercises that highlight personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, values and goals. This results in a deeper understanding of each other and how individuals can work together and support each other as a team.   The result is;  better communication and productivity, renewed motivation and a unified vision of how the team needs to work together to meet their personal goals as well as those of the business.  

Initially skeptical of the “Softer” skills in the workplace, my partner and I decided to expose our staff to both one-on-one interviews for their personal growth, and group meetings to foster inter-personal harmony and understanding. I was immediately impressed by Lisa’s skills and more importantly, the benefits derived therefrom.

At first I did not attend the group meetings, as I wanted a free discussion between colleagues without “Management” opinions and comments. After we all completed a Personality Profile Assessment, Lisa suggested that the management participate in a group meeting to better understand how we interact as a team.
This process started in 2016 and I can say categorically that the outcome has been a revelation. What may have been seen as personal inter personnel issues simply become personality traits which can be understood, ignored or adjusted to. We all communicate more openly and easily, and an atmosphere of mutual respect and support prevails.
As a small company (12 persons) we would not normally have these skills in-house. Bringing Lisa into our company added the necessary professional skills from a qualified person at an affordable rate with exponential results.
R Majewski: Managing Director: Narich (Pty) Ltd